Our Furniture Promise

Our Reuse Program

Bespoke Furniture Promise

Here at Peter Silk’s we are always looking for ways to give back to the environment and are pushing the wonderful world of natural builds. All the products that go into this project are as green as possible with only natural products used such as hessian, hair, webs and wood. The sofa itself will not just be green it will be all about the whole life cycle of the sofa, we will include a lifetime commitment with each sofa, simply meaning, at the end of the sofas life with you we will take it back, you will then have the choice of either having the sofa renovated, in which case at an agreed recovery cost we will restore the sofa to it natural, straight out the workshop feel, making sure all the insides have been refreshed, to give a new plush feel to the sofa. Once again the sofa would come with the new lifetime commitment once it was renovated. All sofa’s that are part of this program will come with a certificate detailing the components used during the build, with the lifetime commitment attached.

Image by Bas Emmen

Our Recycle Program

Smart and Friendly

On the other hand, you will have the option of donating it back to our upcycle program. The program ensures we will carefully dismantle the sofa, reusing the frame and its internals creating a new sofa for someone to enjoy. Any components that have lived their lifespan will be recycled in the greenest way possible, keeping the bulk of the waste away from landfill, when originally all the inners of a sofa would be sent to landfill. Allowing us to give the best we can back to environment as we move towards a greener, safer planet for all.