GP & J Baker launch New Cosmopolitan collection

A new departure for GP & J Baker, the Cosmopolitan Collection adds a playful note with the new 'Menagerie Velvet' print captured below. However, it doesn't fail to deliver on versatility with a vast selection of velvets, weaves, sheers and embroideries. Nor does it stray too far from the beautiful floral designs that GP & J Baker is so well known for. 

GP & J Baker ~ Originals VOur archive was started by brothers George Percival and James Baker in the early 1900s and today represents the largest privately owned textile archive in the world containing thousands of designs mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Originals V is made up of five archival designs, beautifully recoloured and all printed in Britain. 'Meadow Fruit' " A mille-fleurs tapestry was probably the inspiration for the design below, 

'Meadow Fruit', although here, grapes, pomegranates, blackberries, cherries, and acorns are found in the "field” alongside roses and varieties of dianthus. The stunning new colourways of this print will make an eye-catching statement in either a white or a traditional decorative interior."

Full range available at our showroom, if you can visit us then contact us and we can send samples in the post for you. 

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